Home Theatre Packages
The following packages represent our most popular home theatre installations. These packages can be customized to your specific requirements and we invite you to contact us with any inquiries, or to schedule a complimentary home theatre consultation in our Ultra High Fidelity Showroom featuring a 165" projection screen and state-of-the-art acoustic enviroment.
$5,999* Home Theatre Package
  · Custom home theatre design
  · Elite 106" projection screen
  · Optoma HD projector
  · Projector mounting bracket
  · In-wall surround sound speakers
  · Subwoofer
  · Onkyo AV receiver
  · Interconnecting cables
  · Package installation and calibration
$11,999* Home Theatre Package
  · Custom home theatre design
  · Acoustically transparent 150" projection screen
  · Optoma 4K projector
  · Projector mounting bracket
  · Projector cable conduit
  · Klipsch surround sound speakers
  · Klipsch subwoofer
  · Onkyo AV receiver
  · Interconnecting cables
  · Package installation and calibration
$119,999* Home Theatre Package
Experience world-class video, audio and acoustics, in an Ultra High Fidelity certified home theatre, equipped with the worlds finest equipment.

$299* TV Installation Package
  · Supply and install tilting TV bracket, on drywall
    wall in front of cable** and power** outlets
  · Install customer supplied 20" to 60" flatscreen
    TV** on above bracket
  · Install customer supplied compact digital cable
    receiver** behind above TV**
Home Theatre Options
The following are the most popular home theatre options that our clients choose to complement their home theatre packages. Your options are virtually limitless, so we invite you to contact us with any inquiries, or to schedule a complimentary home theatre consultation in our Ultra High Fidelity Showroom.
Optional Digital Media Player
Enjoy hundreds of multimedia apps including: NetFlix, Crave TV, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple Movies and Apple Music in your home theatre with a 4K AppleTV that start at $289* installed.
Optional Theatre Automation
With the touch of a single button: dim your lights, draw your drapes, set your thermostat, turn on your av components and enjoy your movie. A tablet** remote control app with programming starts at $569* (excludes the tablet). A hardware remote control with programming starts at $669*. Lighting automation starts at $189* per switch.

Optional Technology Room
Hide your home theatre's equipment in a technology room to reduce the cost of theatre cabinetry and to minimize home theatre: visual clutter, distractions, equipment noise, heat loading, tampering and theft. Technology rooms start at $739* (includes a 18U rack) and require either the $569* tablet** remote control app, or the $669* hardware remote control.
Optional Acoustic Treatment
Simulate movie theatre acoustics with custom cloth covered, sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels (the white panels in the picture), starting at $24* per square foot installed. Sound absorbing panels improve home theatre acoustics by reducing its reverb time, minimizing its speaker reflections and lowering the magnitude of its standing waves.
Optional Theatre Construction
Enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience in an elegant home theatre, meticulously designed and built by Iconic Home Theatre's multidiscipline team.

Home Theatre Products
· Auralex
· Green Glue
· Ultra High Fidelity

Active Crossovers
· Ultra High Fidelity

Amplifiers & Receivers
· Denon
· Integra
· Onkyo
· Russound
· Ultra High Fidelity Certified

Anamorphic Lens
· Panamorph

Automated Lighting
· Leviton

Blu-Ray Disc & SACD Players
· Denon
· Sony
· Ultra High Fidelity Certified

Digital Media Players
· Apple
· Russound

Furniture & Mounts
· Bell'o
· Nexus21
· OmniMount

LED Ceilings
· Epic Sky Technology

Power Conditioners
· Furman
· WattBox

Projection Screens
· Elite
· Screen Innovations
· Ultra High Fidelity

· JVC Professional
· Optoma

Remote Controls
· Android Tablet & Phone Apps
· iPad, & iPhone Apps
· ProControl

Speakers & Subwoofers
· Earthquake
· Klipsch
· Russound
· Ultra High Fidelity

Sound Bars
· Integra
· Klipsch

Wire & Cable
· Ultra High Fidelity
· UltraLink
· Wireworld
Home Theatre Services
· Acoustic Design
· Acoustic Treatment Installation
· Equipment Installation
· Furniture Installation
· Home Theatre Design
· Home Theatre Automation
· Home Theatre Construction
· Home Theatre Soundproofing
· Remote Control Programming
· UHF Certified Audio Calibration
· UHF Certified Video Calibration
· Wire Concealment
* Pricing is based on new home construction in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is subject to change without notice. Pricing excludes the GST, options, structured wiring, electrical wiring, electrical fixtures, a high performance Wi-Fi network with high speed internet, room construction and room furnishings. **These items are not included in the package price.

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